Bank Loan – American mortgage from Good Finance offers to all those interested in long-term financial loan with long maturity relatively interesting conditions. The minimum loan amount starts from 200,000 crowns. The bank will lend you a maximum of USD 10 million (or a maximum of 70% of the estimated price of the property).

The maturity of American mortgage from Good Finance starts from 12 months and can be concluded for a maximum of 240 months (ie 1 – 20 years). The minimum interest rate for this mortgage is also one of the best on the Czech market (as of the current date). Good Finance US mortgages have a minimum interest rate of 5.06%.

Fees and conditions for this mortgage



Unlike many other banks, Good Finance does not charge any fees for arranging a loan. This is undoubtedly a big advantage. While elsewhere you pay several (even tens) thousands of crowns just for the approval of the loan itself, American mortgage from Good Finance is free of charge.

As with other banking institutions, you pay a credit management fee here. At Good Finance, this is USD 2400 per year. Other fees associated with the loan from this bank include an account maintenance fee. Good Finance (Money Bank, for example) requires that you have a current account with the bank, from which payments are then made. If you do not have this account, you will pay at least USD 600 for maintaining it in your bank (this is a current Expres account).

Additional terms and early repayment



As mentioned above, the maximum loan amount can be up to 70% of the estimated cost of the property. However, this applies only to loans with a maximum maturity of up to 15 years. If you decide on the longest option to repay a loan from Good Finance (ie for an American mortgage with a maturity of 20 years), then the maximum loan is only 60% of the estimated price of the property.

Early repayment of the mortgage


Even with this bank, early repayment of the mortgage is not free. As elsewhere, you pay a fee for early repayment. At Good Finance, this is at least 1% of the early repayment amount.

But there are no other special conditions. You can use the borrowed money for whatever you want (it is a non-purpose bank loan, there is no need to prove the bank’s use of funds).



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