• relief from post-traumatic stress?
  • superior physical health?
  • relief from pain?
  • stable emotions?
  • improved mental clarity?
  • higher spiritual awareness?

The answer is YES!
Musical Massage Sound Therapy (MMST) is an amazingly simple yet powerful healing modality comprised of a unique composition of long tones based on two Gregorian chant scales.  These tones align, balance and harmonize the body, emotions, mind and spirit.   Listeners have reported pain relief, recovery from flu and colds, mental clarity and relief from high stress levels.  

How does it do this?

Similar to other complementary healing techniques, Musical Massage Sound Therapy restores, vitalizes and brings harmony to our human energy field.  The tones stimulate the body's ideal energy patterns, and gently 'massage' (shift and nudge), tuning the vital energy to vibrate in resonance. This stimulates and supports the body's own healing mechanisms and begins a healing process throughout your body. 

Precise mathematical sequences, in harmony with the natural formation of the human energy field, align the chakras and stimulate the formation of the star tetrahedron around the body.  Esoteric science has long recognized this form as providing the perfect balance for physical, emotional, mental  and spiritual health.

Healing of the body includes fostering  positive attitudes and emotions thus bringing greater joy, love, harmony, inner peace, happiness, enhanced relationships, and much more.  See the links at the left for additional information about specific types of healing.             

Can Simple Musical Tones Provide - 
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